One Dark Night

Kool G. Rap

la la la la la la la

la la la la LA

la la la la la la la

la la la la LA

[Kool G. Rap]

Last night got caught in a gunfight I think it was like

four niggaz clutchin they burners and bustin

but only could see one in sight

The one on my right yo son he like we both got gripe

He wanted my life come at a nigga

with a gun and a knife

He tryin to make the wiped out nigga layin up under the white

But I ain't tryin to go up in no dark tunnel

and burn to the light

And let myself be one more nigga that just got spun in the night

And done in on sight, and tryin to breathe

with one in my pipe

But I'm not one of the type, and I'd rather lose all hung on the mic

Than to be up in the yard receivin CPR

at one in the night

Now I can run and take fllght, but alright, yo son'll be hyped

And I've played mother nature before

so yo I'm clappin thunder tonight

I step right, inside of the street light, my gun it was bright

Send him to kiss Christ, and let my shit slice

in front of him twice

Let one splice, cause fuckin with price, ain't tryin to be nice

I want him on ice, no back home

to a son and a wife

He tried roll dice with real life and got his buns in a vice

Nigga was all enticed to lead his life sheist

but none of it's nice

I peeped shit, and seen his whole click, was runnin in fright

instead of comin to fight, get someone to fight

you son of a dykes

With one in the pipe, I'm aimin to light the one on the right

They all deceased, so yo my asspiece

get hunted for life

Four niggaz cut down, and I can receive one hundred to life

up in a jailcell, that's crawlin with lice

and runnin with mice