Take 'em To War

Kool G. Rap

featuring B1 (MF) Grimm

Chorus: [all together]

Shit ain't never gonna change.. FUKKIT!

Time to load the clips THEN WE TAKE EM TO WAR

Niggaz wanna flip THEN WE TAKE EM TO WAR

Break a nigga proper THEN WE BREAK HIM SOME MORE


I represent the murderers and felony offenders

who either bought time out to get these legal tenders

(Surrender!) Nah I'm goin out with a bang nigga

FUCK PATAKI I gotta do my thang nigga

Forty-four mag, bustin into action

Brains left in particles, fragments and fractions

Grimm, the money stacker, heat packer

I'm lurkin, I'm waitin, attackin like a linebacker

Fuck what you heard, crime pays

and always, unorthodox, I hold my pistol sideways

We kill crews, hearts go numb

and if retaliation comes then yo fuck it, it just comes

(Yo who you?) I'm Dr. Death motherfucker ever heard of me?

Close your eyes, cross your fingers, time for surgery

I'm already dead, so nah, you can't murder me

cause quantities of entities enter me evilly

Chorus: repeat 2X


Since I murder for hire, rapid fire's what I require

Makin niggaz perspire, so send a message through the wire

cause violence is contagious, it got me bustin gauges

The '95 Larry Davis and I'm wettin niggaz for wages

Queens is the home of 1, the known felon

and ain't no tellin, when I'ma crack your fuckin melon

For the right amount of chips, I spit clips and hit whips

Leavin niggaz bloody, the leather seats is where the shit drips

with the pound-seven, I be creepin, rockin niggaz while they sleepin

Shots repeatin, leavin faggot niggaz leakin

When I cock back the iron, niggaz is dyin, marchin to Zion