A Thug's Love Story (chapter I Ii Iii)

Kool G. Rap

[Kool G Rap]

I know this chick yo mami is rich she push a six

Living some bloodshed her man is pushing bricks

Crib way out in the sticks they house looking slick

It's like some shit straight out of a Hollywood flick

Me and my clique met the chick up at Saint Nicks

Honey was thick I was the first nigga to kick

Yo mami was thick silk skirt with thigh split

I couldn't quit trying to peep out the privates

The live shit, you know how loose I get

I'm scheming on her back, peeping her hips, fiending to hit

Plump cherry lips, medium tits, Chink eyes her baby hair chick

The type you want to pair with, have an affair with

? flip me the digits, to the hip and the phone flip

Said she had to split, hopped in the whip, headed up the strip

Probably had to get with her man and shit

Later on at night, I'm stressing love at first sight

Some ain't right, I ain't the type of cat like me

to be dealing with mad feelings

And even though mami was mad appealing

Body revealing and big wheeling

This shit is illin, I don't like it

Fuck it, I can't fight it

I reaching for the cordless to call Miss

I insist to get with this

Tan Tone answer the phone, "Hello, who this?" (chick)

"It's me baby, G Luciano, what up lady"

"Fine and how you doing boo" (chick)

"Ain't nothing new but you, angel, yo why don't you swing through

"we could sip on some champagne from Spain boo"

About an hour or two she came thru, fly hairdo

We link, push in the six circle circle drink

To purple mink, had mad bank, Chanel bag full of Benjamin Franks

More ices than a hockey rink, face of a Saint

Went for a drink ? Hot shots

Would wanna spend those fiv