Transylvanian Perfume


Everywhere I go, everyone I see,

knows the secret languishing down inside of me.

A change of scene could be the key,

go to the cupboard, take out the bottle and splash it all over me.

But it's Transylvanian Perfume swirling round,

release the beast that hides behind your brow.

Transylvanian Perfume drink it in,

it's the musk of lust as it'll take you up where you've never ever been.

It's duty free,

it's real scary.

It's a magnet glue,

it's the stuff for you .. this stuff is tough !

Ply 'em with a drink to get 'em hooked,

I'm an evil essence, no odour clone, I can't be overlooked.

Watch 'em for a while I gotta' choose,

the night is young, the moon is bright an' I got my blue suede shoes

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