Pins & Needles


If your body's feeling bad,

and it's the only one you had.

If your mind is in a state,

stainless steel penetrate.

I can ease your pain away, just an hour every day.

Now relax, have faith in me,

and I'll start your therapy.

And I can help you,

and you can help me.

And together we'll find perfect harmony.

I can make you understand,

only gotta take my hand.

Close your eyes and lie down,

I'll slip into my white gown.

My needles are being sterilised,

the power of the pins are not recognised.

Now relax, have faith in me,

And I'll start your therapy.

Faith and hope and charity,

will set your tortured body free.

The secret lies in your own mind,

I only seek payment of a kind.

Your body sleeps while mine takes pleasure,

wake slowly at your own leisure.

Now relax have faith in me,

it's the end of your therpay.

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