The Seed Of Madness


When your head's exploding and your vision blurred,

the teasing torture when anger is spurred.

When the bats in your belfry won't let you sleep,

incessant insomnia or does it go more deep ?

Yet it's in all of us, catch me if I fall.

The seed of madness, the seed of madness.

It's in your body, a genetic cruelty,

seed of madness, seed of madness.

Into the abyss between love and hate,

happiness don't come on a plate.

Hold your head up high and breathe in hope,

Else you'll find yourself dangling on the end of a rope.

In the midnight hour when your body screams,

make sure those voices are in your dreams.

With a knife in her back and blood on your hands,

your twisted mind just can't comprehend.

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