Moonshine Song


I grew up in the deep South, and wore dungarees.

We lived in a little shack, and ate bacon grease.

I slept with my sister, and she slept with my pa.

It didn't bother my mother, 'cus we kept him in a jar.

I ain't got no moonshine, I ain't got no wife.

Oh Lord help me, rebuild my life.

Since I was a young boy, travelled far from home.

Oh Lord don't let me die on my own.

I ended up in prison, down in Tennessee.

There were 14 bad dudes, in the cell with me.

I felt so dirty, I felt like a pig.

Got raped in the showers by Mr Big.

Now my life's nearly over, it's been a pain.

And my eyes are getting bad, I didn't see that train.

Now as I lay dying, I hear coyote hoots.

But it's two drunk Indians, and they've stole my boots.

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