Do What You Do


Take a look at yourself from the other side, and see if it's really you.

The reason for life is living, so do what you gotta do.

Catch the fire of inspiration, seek and you shall find.

Go on down your own path, don't follow things so blind.

Do what you do (but know why you're doing it).

Do what you do for fun.

Do what you do (but know why you're doing it).

You're the only one.

Trash and truth are easily mixed, split them with your axe.

Burning ambitions fizzle out, don't listen to the facts.

They've got power in supply, overload and fuse it.

Don't sit at home vegetating ..

you've got a brain so use it.

Apathy is on the increase, problems are easily shared.

Freedom's on the horizon, but I didn't know you cared.

Plant the seed of hope and promise, feed it, it will grow.

Question all the answers, rock the Status Quo.

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