Electricity Through Space


Sittin' in my darkened room, got nothing else to do.

Tune into my radio, but there's nothing coming through.

Luxemburg has lost the call, Brussels is nowhere.

Moscow's just a crackle now, I guess they're not on air.

All my life I've been listening,

now I wanna' shout.

Electricity through space,

Electricity through space.

Electricity through space,

.. saving grace of the human race.

My speakers need some maintenance, the wires are all messed up,

but my operating manual says "Give it back to us".

I turn it up to maximum, still my ears don't bleed,

it can't put out the power with no signal to receive.

It's a vital source of communication, exploit it to the full.

Compared with foreign counterparts, I find it rather dull.

It's not for the minorities, the heads will never sway.

The only decent radio is in the U.S.A.

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