Ridden through the flame

The ring be his bane

The oathkeeper's brother bid

The ringkeeper slain

Fire-raisers hand

The grief and the rage

The ill-fated will had won

The ill-fated wage

Fish of the wild-wood

Worm smooth crawling

With wolf-meat mingled

They minced for him

Then in the beaker

In the wine his mouth knew

They set it, still doing

More deeds of wizards

The fate has overcome

maimed and outrun

The brave breed of the noble son's

Vile unjust done


"Long shall ye have

land and men of war

Thou who now has slain

Sigurds death done"

Now he has fallen

The son of Gods triumphant

Norns have their judgement

Death knell toll

We are the children of the wolf

Fall to your sleep

Thy court of mailcoat's gem

Swift peace reap

The shriek of a raven

Cut through the air

"False oath be thy bane"