Draconian Umpire


I am called a noble beast

And dim is my name

My keen sword forge a noble feast

Now rests sublime untame

Never as a youth with a weaklings heart

Bravery in age unveil

The conquered thrall of Valfathers art

Freedoms bliss, death prevail

Listen your last

To the sound of my sword

Yours, beheaded

Gram, the dreaded

Grim carnivour

Listen your last

Til your heart sound no more

Fade you hear it

Ridil tear it

Out as you roar

In water drown if in wind thou fare

Doomed men bear misery

Leave my abundance! Away from here!

My penury your bane will be

The countenance of terror left me here

I now await the hoar of Hel to call

No man saved by a helm of fear

No man is mightier than all

Garms howl I hear as I die

Greed has overcome

Curse thee by the ring, I sigh

Your end shall become