Burning Yggdrasil


Blackened cinder black blood of wrath

Dreadful dominion the pit be prepared

Blackened wrath burn its becoming

The pit hath opened the cosmos alight

Split tongues speaks of sadness

Rise from the raging realms of muspell

Set the nine worlds ablaze

Flame feast rage and glow

The fiery world shall show

Burning Yggdrasil

Sinister slaughter the sword of the south

Hard death struggle harsh the world

Through vales of venom torrent poisen torment

Fornication be rife

Fire fares with flaring flames

Avengers alliged

Come Muspell with Surt at helm

The elders slaugther

Burning Yggdrasil

See the abhorrent faith determined

Bleeding pleading death and killing

Feel the fire lick your flesh

Feel the rage rush to extreme

Despotic death destroying desperately

Terror tyranny taste the torment

Cruelty crushing crying chaos

The nine worlds burns foes will perish

Blackened cinder black blood of .....