Free Granny


A little old lady won a hundred million dollars just the other day
Now at night you can hear what the people are saying
But she was lonely yeah with no one there
And now people are singing real bad she ain't lonely

She went down to the Bank with the wheels
Burning on her taxi cab hey look at that
And doors opened wide and people stepped a side
For the little old lady yeah
She was lonely yeah only just living
Now people are singin real bad 'coz she ain't lonely

#I feel no pain no i feel no pain yeah ..yeah
I feel so sane yeah i feel so sane yeah...yeah

She went on TV and spoke real free about the only man she ever loved
All those years by her side until he finally died
And light went out in her
She was lonely living in dispair
Heard cretures calling real sad she aint .... Auw
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