Big Town


He searched high He searched low Tried so hard
Didn't make a cent today
She cried hard Kid cried too
he Looked down But said it would be allright

Walking round an over town ( way down town) wandering round
Looking for a bed tonight
No turning back no turning around On humble ground
Gonna make their home tonight
Somebody said that money makes the world go round today
Well luck must be everything
Jabrik's looking for a job with a decent days pay
And he won't give up though he feels like breaking down

'Cause you need hope in a big town Chancing a lot now
Don't get down in a big town !
You know I'll be allright

From Kota right up to Bintaro They kept on searching and hoping
Didn't give up in the big town Dispair kept hunger from calling

Then he got a job that would earn him One thousand big ones in one day
She squeezed his hand and he took it to the dark side of tanah abang