I've been around the world
But I can't escape The Tune in My heart
Another saturday, no longboat rides today
And no You

Downtown bathed in not-red-light money all around
Thought I was home for a second or two in sunshine
So many selling their souls to hit the big time
Wrapping their deals and stacking tom's greenbacks

Each day brings new crossword decision all around
Still remember the times when i waited for you in starlight
Travel further down the road of illusion or take
The route that leads back to you

# I can hear what you say "what mama said"
I still feel my heart say "come on home today"
I can hear what you say " oh so far away"
I'll be with you someday " in borneo"

It was hard to walk away
Still recall your words that day "don't go"
When your loneliness is real
It's time for one last deal, then move on !! Yeah ! Yeah !

We all drift around in not-red-smoke(see) chaos all around
Thought I was home for a second or two in sunshine
See an old man gave in amazement at what went up on what was his ground

All day so many slaving away for the money to survive
"still remember the times when I waited for you instarlight
It's ten PM and I'm stuck again in traffic jam with a bus as my guide
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