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Edane is a rock/heavy metal band from Indonesia. The center charm lies mainly in the group's guitar player: Zahedi Riza 'Eet' Sjahranie . Eet's unique guitar sound distinguished him from his contemporaries. Eet's stints includes with God Bless(a supergroup replacing Ian Antono), WOW, SuperDigi, Cynomadeus (Cycle Neo Amadeus) with Iwan Madjid, Todung Pandjaitan, Fajar Satritama, dan Ary Safriadi. Edane was formed in 1991. Eet met Ecky Lamoh when recording for Eki Soekarno's solo Album:'Kharisma Indonesia" , they agreed to team up and used the first letters of their names as the name of the colaboration. But at the time there was another colaboration called "I dan I" of two prominent Indonesian musicians at the time Ikang Fawzi and Ian Antono. Eet and Ecky changed the duo format into a full band by recruiting Iwan Xaverius and Fajar Satritama from Jet Liar thus EdanE was born.

This first line-up consisted of Ecky Lamoh(vocals) , Eet Sjahranie (lead guitar), Fajar Satritama (drums) and Iwan Xaverius(bass)

The Beast (1992) was their debut album with tracks such as 'Ikuti' and 'Evolusi'. 'Evolusi' a short instrumental track is regarded a cult track particularly among local guitar players since is distinguished composisition at the time. The succes of the Beast earned them a opening slot for Sepultura (prominent Trash band from Brazil) concert in 1992 in Jakarta.

After Edane first album Ecky left, but the band kept Edane as their name. Heri Batara (vocals) or better known as Ucok, joined the second line-up. This line up released 'Jabrik' (1994), 'Borneo' (1996), and one greatest hits album '9299' (1999). But afterward Ucok concentrated more on the management side of the band. Ucok's position was taken over by Trison Manurung (vocals), the vocalist of then the inactive band Roxx, a prominent rock band. Trison was selected through rigorous two stage selection. The third line-up produced the album '170 Volts' (2002) with the smash hit 'Kau pikir kaulah segalanya'. This album saw the progression of Eet's guitar sound that became heavier compared to the more 80's rock in the previous albums.

The third line up didn't last long in mid-2003 on 9 July 2003, Trison resigned from Edane to reform Roxx. Edane got Robby Matulandi (vocals) who was chosen from a Guns n Roses Tribute band. The fourth line up released 'Time to Rock' in 2005. The hit single 'Cry Out' was included in the Spiderman 2 Asian Edition Soundtrack including an accompanying videoclip with the webslinger in it. Edane once again changes line up, this time Robby and Iwan Xaverius left the band leaving only Eet and Fajar as the remaining original members.

Edane released 'Edan' in 2010 with the english written 'Living Dead' as the lead single. The fifth line-up consist of Eet Sjahranie (Lead guitars , Backing vocals), Ervin Nanzabakri(Lead Vocal) , Daeng Oktav (bass) , Hendra Zamzami(rhythm guitar) and Fajar Satritama (Drums)

Edane's music is mainly written in two languages Indonesia and English, either combined or solely english or Indonesia. Their music is sometimes regarded as heavy metal, rock and progressive metal.

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