It's On On Sight


[Featuring C Bo]

(Screeching tires gunshots broken glass sirens and screaming)

Yeah (3x)

They want problems

Soon they want me waxed contracts on my ass

It's coming from the pen they say I owe 'em cash

Well enough to pass and they need it fast

But what they failize (fail to realize) is I'll be quick to blast

Die hard cold blooded killer all about my work

Dressed up like a female in a mini skirt

Specialize in doin' dirt shootin' niggas in the shirt

Put the pistol in his mouth and make it hurt, ooh

Cutlass, guzzlin' down a 40-ounce bottle of Swiss malt liquor brewsky

talkin' to a cutie standin' outside the movie theater sittin' on top

of the

hood of my Cutlass

Smokin' on a non-filter pink pack colored edition cigarette

Clove found the affiliated cashes dick lickin' gainish beadie

What the fuck? Where's the peace treaty?

Full of my Wheaties, yes indeedy

M-16's don't shoot no beebees

Programmed to amputate anything that gets up in my way

Then I put them same size left over bullets up in my A.K.

I can't wait 'till we bump heads


It on, on sight day and night no matter what I'm dumpin'

I'm tryin to see you niggas 'bout somethin'(2x)

(I'm heated, them niggas cheated)

We had a meetin', shit (sup)posed to been squashed(3x)

Shit was (sup)posed to been squashed

I've got a hunch

Meet me at the Olive Garden spot lets do lunch

Foolin' em tried to pass the bucket set us up for locks

Sons of bitches must think we some chumps

Time to break out the pipe bombs and the pumps


Nigga fuck stressin' pull it

We kickin' the door with full clips

Out of Magnums packin' when