Ride Til' We Die

C Bo

featuring 151 Mob Figgas

And we be blastin smashin for the loot

I empty my strap and then I dash to my Coupe

Ain't no half steppin it's West Coast til I die

Keepin the bundle and never fumble my 4 5

With only one life to live nigga we're still ridin

We attack and murder and watch the scrilla multiply

Fuck the funkity five big business and expeditions

If I die when I ride don't leave shit to them bitches

I raise my right hand with a Tek and my left I swear I'll ride

til my death or touch collide, til my judgment, til I rest

I'll be that gun smooth assassin, run with trues for blastin

Snatchin up money bags in organised crime fashion

Mafioso's mashin, the homicides is askin:

"Who did thew blastin? Was is it the Mob Figgas mashin?"

Ridin with no maskets, jobs can't be soppy

Grippin the bail with the doves to bust you with my tongue

Now I'm a savage young nigga witta chopper

Motivated by Mob-type tactics, I'll blow your block up

???? sip to Cosby, out the game everytime

Me and the Mob Figgas'll do the dirt and choke the 9's straight

Savage's up on the crime, but a cross and dwelling lavishly

Fuck some animosity but I might just cause a casualty

Cos Boo the Hustler and Bo-Loc'll show ya, smell the aroma

We gon' ride til we die, ain't no glory in lettin it slide


For all you punks that never heard of these

And all you buster motherfuckers that wanna murder, these niggas

We ridin til we die

Ain't lettin shit slide, dumpin 4-5's, ridin til we die


???? ???? California, I'm best ta warn ya you'll end up like Freddy

Fuckin with my 'fetti, we mobbin three-deep in Chevy