Brotha Lynch Hung

(*Verse 1*)

Off the rossi twisted, I'm not yo average package, snatch it,

too bad ya had to miss it, english keeps me lifted, we can take a,

one good leg to kick it, my walkin til I'm cripled,

talkin sick wit it, top of shiznit,

til it get noted that I'm liquid,

quick we bustin on all you rivals, all about survival, liabale,

to burn up every bible, cuz ain't no fuckin wit my style, dial


cuz I'm zoned up out my mind,

an based on the notion that it's kill a nigga nine times,

sonic boom like Guile,

Dr. Doom proper room wit space,

cuz I'm off the wall like Michael, my ice cream like Dryers, I is,

certified fifty,

nifty, won't it be one hella've sight to try an get me,

sticky as a ???,

I be leavin crips wit shit g's,

english go over to mickey's,

incredible like bitch be tryin to pull sixty-six point sixty,

victim full of fish, cook 'em shook 'em like yhatzee,

I'm mo hated than a nazi,

scorchin niggaz is my posse, try to stop me.


Brotha Lynch keeps me tremendous,

talkin keeps me tremendous,

X-Raided keeps me tremendous,

an these be my brothaz an they keep me in this,

Big Nation keeps me tremendous,

Capone, an Silouette, keeps me tremendous,

annihilation keeps me tremendous,

now these is scorchin niggaz an they keep me in this

(*Verse 2*)

I got some shit to blow my mind,

that I juss can't shake,

juss give me yo microphone an funk-beta beat, watch me eat these

niggaz up like Jason,

chasin you through camp pistol lake

like a wolf on crank hit the dank,

the tank up, put on the make-up

an come back to life like Brandon Lee,

hit the corner, wit a four-fo