The Corpse Came To Dinner

Brotha Lynch Hung

It's a must that i bust any strap you hand to me,it's heredity it runs in the family niggas in the town got pounds of beef, threatin a niggas life make it sound so sweet, i peel em back like corn on the cob,cap pillem,make em sound like a whore on the job, with a mac and a back pack full of that crack sack, gettin it off(bitch better have my mothafuckin money,bitch where my money)siccmade til i die shit nobody saw, so i was able to wipe the blood off the hallway walls aint got nothin to live for can't even trust a bitch might have to leave her alone, might have to dig a ditch, shits so rigoris, dealin wit haters,snitches,and bitches get they brains gone find a new home your whole life is gone cuz i'm on one,check the clock and if these walls could talk mothafuckas would be shocked,i'm bout to go fifty one fifty got nobody wit me stressed out like whitney,bobby brown,weed,and whiskey smokin newports no support but like too short i keep it goin,shootin up forts,who in this sport wanna fuck wit me come on the court,rippin out insides,putin stains on things,thats when i rip-n-ride now slip-n-slide through the gardens wit a bloody t-shirt,it won't hurt,put it this way,six feet deep in the dirt won't hurt,flirtin wit murder i leave em unheard of,and i'm sicker than period past drippin all over your hands get in the back seat or the trunk it's your choice dead or alive smothered or fried the way you better uncover your eyes i'm in diguise wit a nine tryin to take out your spine nobody no crime throw up that sicc sign and strike hard like stric nine,no recovery you other g niggas better duck,leave you in the tuc stuck,psycho,off the wall like micheal,always paranoid cuz i be blowin out that nitro,all day,everyday,murder spray got you in glad bags headed for the pad and you can ask my dad,i was a scavenger,14 years old eatin scabs,graduated with nigga meat but i don't wanna brag,fuck jeffery dahmer he a mothafuckin fag,i got nigga nuts and guts in a bag draggin em to the pad


Ziplock,body bag,toe tag,white t-shirt,black mag,corpse came to dinner(x8)

Nigga fuck under the influence i'm hella fucke