One Of The Last

Brotha Lynch Hung

1st verse

(Brotha Lynch Hung)

I'm one of the last sicc niggas that you herd thus far

you can bump me at your crib but while you off that nitro in your car

so I don't have to say that I'ma super star

but if you get high than you can feel me no matter who you are

well I got medevil but I had to leave'em weak niggas alone

situation dirty skweaky clean brotha lynch hung

That's right I gots to have my weed lord knows I'ma feind

bitch nigga don't respect me 45 for the peicsh nigga please

I been spendin "G's" hold up nigga freeze

come up off that weed cause you den fucked around and went up on me

I want the whole zip lock full of shamrock

and if you ditch it in yo pocket I'ma heat the heat and leave you in a

meat lock

now thats my knock heats to the side wit the mask on

I'ma give you 15 percent so if you need to get yo blast on

and that's a fat zone thats's a good start

you can sac off in the sevice take it to the heart

I'ma lil nigga thinkin big

cut off yo nuts and leave you screamin like a starved pig

hold you hostage in yo crib

plan the whole stuation out so I got first dibs

now bigga than life is how I comin out

rigorous and vigorous you niggas know what I'm talkin bout

I want cheese and lettuce in my wallet so fetish

and I'ma gonna break through like Jerome Bettis pro status

all this time I got ryhme on my mind every dime

I spend it on some weed and some studio time

drink O-E out the mickeys big mouth

my point is I be in the cut trying to keep these snakes out my house

(Brotha Lynch Hung talking)

You know I push I push play on brain one day

and it played back some shit some shit containing (some shit


snakes (s