One Mo Pound

Brotha Lynch Hung

I was rollin' through the hood one day

Thought shit den calmed down,

"Gang-bangin'" den played out by the years since I den been around

Ain't talked to nobody from my block

Cause all my niggas is locked up

And it's been all ever I seen wit a guillotine

So I was in the "Cut Supreme"

Fifteen grams and some "greenodine"

Ain't seen a block nigga since

But now I'm off that kill green

(Mothtafuckas ain't got no love for me)

(Niggas wanna put some slugs in me)

So I'm double 0 seven, murder redrum wit my three fifty seven

Brotha Lynch Hung, but the bitches call me Kevin

They try to make me think they close to me, but Neb'in [never]

You know I gots to (say high) stay high, keep recipts for alibis

And the meat they ate from them drive-bys ain't mine

cause mine's a supe' desguise

As I swoop the skies high off that buddha

tah mixed the cusche and the purple hairs

And it got me high

(Now I'm rollin on the river)

Labeled Mr. FedEx

(Cause them bodies I deliver)

Got to get to my next plot

Unlock the freezer get the meat for the "rocks" [rotweilers]

And heat the heat cause it's the "nine-neb'in" ['97]

and it's hot den a mothafucka

(All day everyday) I'mma stay loaded up, "krondike" in the trunk

And a pound full of James Brown

Cause I gots to get loaded so hold up soldier

[Chorus: 2Xs]

The count goes

(One more pound of smoke and it's guaranteed to make a mothafucka


(Ain't got no down ass bitch at my side

but I got some bomb ass weed in my ride)

Nothin but notches, booches

Fill my pockets, hit 'em up everyday, gotta have my pay