Locc To The Brain

Brotha Lynch Hung

featuring Baby Reg, Baby X, Big Dan, Mr. Doc

Verse one: Baby X-Rated Locc

Comin off that high it's that double-set rapped around some funk in the trunk

I got the mossberg pump and bout' to jack a punk

And when that siccness hits I'm like a new stage

Watch my back, hit the dank, load the gat, make the grave

Twelve midnight, my niggas on the stroll,

Mr. Doc, Baby Reg, Brotha Lynch, Big Dan

We bout' to roll ridin deep hella high so nigga peep this,

Take ya glock off safety turn around and hit the street

When I got the milli pictured in my head

Ain't no stoppin cuz the devil said I'm halfway dead

What can I say got them evil thoughts fillin' up my Head locc to the brain

On that insane tip E-B-K everyday

The block-style bitch smokin' dank

With my braids in my hair and I'm riding on a full tank

My nine on the side going Both ways,

Peel a niggas cap and then I'm sideways

Chorus: repeat 2X

Locc to da brain insane every day all day it' E-B-K

Where niggas load they straps cuz' the rival's on they way

Verse two: Big Dan

Now try to peep this watt G straight low killa rollin five and the deuce

Locc to the brain set-trippin' after fucking with that sick juice

I fuckin' pump twelve rounds of that knot block the plot

(you down to ride?) yeah we fuckin' with them body drops stop

Hit the lights there them niggas go

Reach for your flags your straps and roll the windows low

Roll slow these niggas actin like they know us are here,

They fuckin' duckin' dodging bullets damn I emptied the clip

They bustin' back trying to hit us from the blind side Low,

A fucking doughnut and the twelve-gauge pump

Hang from the window what's up now nigga yee-ah

L-O-C to the brain and gauge blast equals rest in pain

Insane loc so a nigga don't give a fuck

It's in the hearts so these rival niggas straight stuck

I let the gauge loose damn I've never seen so much blood

It's all for gang and the gang shows no love fool

So if you ever see us rollin through your side it ain't all good,

I suggest you hide

Chorus: 1X

Locc to da brain insane every day all day it' E-B-K

Where niggas load they straps cuz' the rival's on they way

Verse 3: Mr. Doc

Come with me deep see how I'm bout to do it for this

Back with tight big shit

Them fools that say they'll kill the stinking hits not doing shit

When they get lit up on they turf

So move on with they life one even left

That since that time I haven't heard from him

Now that's my locc right damn, where'd you go folks?

Remember we're supposed to be the ones with brains this locc's

So nigga fuck it, i'll do it like your ass is dead

And touch them niggas with the mack-eleven out of the shell