Thats What I Said

Brotha Lynch Hung

Thats what i Said

(its 9 o'clock yal)

now im the type a nigga that a leave a horsehead in ya bed

sleep wit ya wife then, commit some knifin'

get away clean wit the scene block 17

in my lap, as i creep away in da black catallic

cuz u know i got shit ta do (mutha fucka)

fake id cuz i been murderin mutha fuckaz like (like what) HIV

as i creep real slow threw ya blood vesselz (ya dig)

5 weeks lata nigga, god bless ya

now im stressed wit the smith-n-west (the west)

my music career aint been the best

bound to have my momma wearin a tight dress

bitch, make my money right

or get ya throat slit, druggin in da bushes as ya inside gushez

then im smashin through the night, (in what)

my zarightiy with pacizi, hittin corners hella tight (ye right)

nigga, you know im right (oh)

my momma tought me, nigga dont givva fuck

and when i die, throw me in a joint smoke me up

Thats what i said

Im high about da hocus poucus

my diagnosis is a murderin sycosis, and mutha fuckaz know this (mutha fuckaz know dis)

im quick ta pull the pin up out the grenade and hand u the pinapple and say "here mutha fucka hold dis" (oh No)

look here da murda show

the sequence beginz wit freaks in da momo

we seein allabys provide, we freak wit

and now my niggaz ridin, slip clips -n- dipin and do dat shit, smokin budda shit

see, when they say siccmade is whispin

the tastes bitta, blowin mutha fuckaz inta smithaz (green)

triple X liquor

wit nothin but cursez in our verses

obscene, unfit for major main streem magizinez

lace u up in karoscene and see that ass ignite

i mean, we got the V8 for ya gangsta lead,

i see, war mashinez, and street marinez

dirt needlez in the hands of ghetto fiendz

im caught between, (what) the hard life, and ghetto dreams

got sceemz

wit black borrai'z, and get awayz like OJ (clean)

the rip gut, he got the canibalistic Q-Z

and the illigitimate got anotha 16 (umm humm)(ha)

u see, the front page newz, only show da