Dead Man Walkin'

Brotha Lynch Hung

Thus the nigga in that casket hotboxin

How many muthafuckers wanna empty out they glocks in me

The gangbangers most wanted

The first nigga caught me in my side

And my set didn't ride

So I'm locc to the mutherfucking brain

50 pounds of dank in my casket

I'm bout to take my last splift

Before I make that move to insane

Records of a criminal for baby killin nothin

40 ounces wit my game

Them niggas that kill they momma for some fame

For the ripgut trigga to hit what muthafuckers in my aim;

Even my momma tried to take me out the game

By heating up some Brandy and taking it to the dome because I came;

With the siccness and it's just the dank that I smoke

Making me load that millimeter putting deuce up in your throat;

Murder she wrote, in the book, as a gang related homicide

Reality check nigga for the fact she giving it up

It's suicide for the do or the die

True or the die each time

One after each as I creep through the streets

With a 9 millimeter up under my seat

I packs heat, deep cuz a nigga like me can't be played cheap;

blink, before I'm leaving this niggas guts up in the street;

peep, ever since nigga deep I gotta carry me something

Cuz everywhere I go niggas 12 gauge pumping

Oh one thing to know when my 44 bust

I'm taking them niggas brains hookin em up

And murderin niggas up

Then I give it up, then I'm in the cut

5 triple 0 double o Mosburg pump

Point it at your grill

Ready to bust for the fact some call me still

The hardest nigga in that casket hotboxing

So to those muthafuckers that wanna empty out they glocks in me;

Think 24 times fool fo you come wit yo punk 9's

Cuz nigga you nigga me, my oozie say its dinnertime

That ripgut cannibal mind for the shit that make them violent crimes;

That's atheist so feel the sign

A deadman walkin