Yaw Yaw



Yaah Yaah Yaah Yaah, yaga yaga yaw
Si di gal dem man yaah yah (rpt 4)

1. Cool baby love a couldn't mi yuh waan tease
Jus drink a guiness an mi smoke some weed
Three legs mi have but one stop short a knees
Lie dung inna di bed an gal prepare fi breed
Threeee, pickini a whey mi give to Denise
Xgirl nuh waan none, dats why she leave
Meeeee, give a talkin to mi fren name Steve
Thirteen gal him have a Garveymeade
Twelve pickini a whey him have dey a teed
Haffi tell the youthman fi try tek heed
Yes yuh caan reach to mi speed


Who yuh think yuh are bout badman yuh waan use
Now yuh get refuse an start abuse
Yuh run an tek mi business and carry to Xnews
Next girl a wear yuh shoes, so girl please remove
Mi jump inna mi car an put it all pon cruise
Ice tea mek mi smooth, inna mi suede shoes
Mi a talk its over mi nuh under nuh blues
Mi chronic mi a use, so have mi excuse
Ah dancehall mi duh an not the blues
Di gal dem a move a get mi inna the groove


Woooosh, mek yuh want to slam my car door
Kaaakaaaa su su , no flow
She think a woulda mash up when a walk through the door
Oh no Oh no, she get a direct blow
She think a woulda tek it and go down low
Oh no Oh no, the more the girls dem flow


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