Everyday yuh been going aroun and telling story that yuh know mi

An is your mother grow mi (no)

Gimmi some bass mek mi sing something

First mi guh so:

Oh Nah nah nah nah nah nah (rpt 4 times)


It's all about Romie and him big fat sista Nayomi

Di two a dem claim sey dem know mi

An dem argument throw mi, throw mi, throw mi

Di bwoy dey name Romie and him whoring sista Nayomi

Di two a dem claim say them know mi

An dem argument throw mi, throw mi, throw mi.


But mi wonder Romie, How him fi know mi

A Waterhouse mi born, an Craig Town mi live

Wheh Aunt Sita grow mi

Ah owe di bwoy owe mi, him argument throw mi

Him gal waan blow mi thru she hear say mi bloomy

Mi hear Nayomi have 15 Auntie

Mi check it out deep down to the grandma want mi

So a grudge di bwoy grudge mi,

Di bwoy badminded

Dats why mi argument drop pon all...



Mi hear say Miss Nayomi

A wahn big fat gal fron inna di 1920

If looks was all she live a door cause she plenty

An from a gal plenty har love life empty, empty, empty

People look yah, Nayomi a whore an har puppa a preacher

Mi get fi understand di gal a witchcraft worker

She obeah har mother and guh tek di stepfather

Dats why the DJ a holla say

Oh nah nah nah nah nah nah (rpt 3)



Choo mi galfriend hyper, har life brighter

Nayomi tun spider

Nayomi tun snake under grass, she a viper

Gal tun sniper, big time 'former

She all a tell Peter seh him gal an Lorna

Gone guh ketch man somewhey dun a Manchester

One yute mother him guh charge fi murda

Gal jus hear yah, gwaan an leave yah

Dats why the DJ sing say