Well this is the Maestro
I have the doctorate for all things
It's just another one please

Mi nuh want nuh idle jubbie
Fi come hackle my body I saaay
The gal dem all a run mi dung
The gal dem all a hunt mi dung
The gal dem all a draw mi dung
Through dem waan suck out mi tongue
Dem say jump spred out, jump spread out
Gal jump spread out and wiiiiine

A mi sey gal yuh a di wife
Man a treat yuh rite
Han up inna di air yuh naw mek no fight
Yuh a di wife, man a treat yuh rite
Hand up inna di air yuh naw mek no fight

Verse 1:
But mi sey, gal from yuh wine Paul Man lone yuh bad,
Man dem out a road dem see yuh body all a mad
Gal yuh know yuh cute
Yes dat a di truth
Man dem out a road, dem waan fi pick yuh like fruit
Gal yuh body bright Dim all mi light
But mi naw go lef yuh cause yuh have di slam right
Wifey haffi vex cause mi gal a pest
As Mawga as mi be, a mi di gal dem a request


Verse 2:
Well excuse mi boy
After di gal dem mi cry
Wine Suzy Wine
Wey dem a call vulgarity a exercise
Wine Angie wiine A di Jamaican gal dem yuh waan criticise
Wine baby wine
The more remarks them pass
The more yuh bun them eyes
When yuh wine Patsy wine
A whey mi say
Face an the shape an di body whey yuh have
Bare as yuh dare X rated an mad
All a gal a push up, tell a gal sey she hot
Three is a crowd an yuh naw carry no bag
Wifey batter try get rid of the luggage
Matey out a road tek you husband fi carriage
She all a use allum fi try encourage
One night with him yuh wife inna worries



Repeat Verse 1

Repeat Chorus 4x (Clap, clap,clap)