Oysters & Conch



Yes hi ya fat brown slim long and mawga, anything will do


Send di modelers dem come

Send di champion dem come

Mek dem know seh til mornin'

Di Doctor nah go done

Who can't stand it better run

Nuh have nuh time fi gi mi

Bun is flood when yuh buk

Dis loaded magnum

Well di gal dem a rush mi

Cause dem love how mi stay

Tek up residence pon fi dem highway

in mi mansion dem whan come play

But a one ting mi haffa say

Verse 1:

Mi nuh punk, woman

Tink mi mash up and swear seh mi drunk

Mi under mi crackers, oysters an mi conch, gal

Put mi to di test and swear

Mi ago flunk a catch mi whan fi catcher

Her in mi bunk

Mek she whine, baby, whine same time mi a pump

No worry, gal. mi ago help yuh over the hump

The ole sugar cane, gal, weh sweeter dan di bump

A 500 watt mi a chump


Verse 2:

A gal see mi simple and tink seh mi soft

Through mi nah brag but wah mi have an show off

Gal a spread rumour a talk 'bout dwarf

But ask her wah mek she cough when she bawl

Please, gal a bawl time out

Di sittin' wah breeze fire deh deh a burn up di rice an peas

Mi microwave melt out di whole a her cheese

But all in a mind dis ya gal yah a test

But mi nah ease up till di chest start wheeze

Circle her area jus like bees

Nuh call out di Lord name

But yuh can say gees til yuh get weak in a yuh knees


Verse 3:

Gal, yuh better fret

Yuh know wah yuh start an yuh nuh get nuttin' yet

A wah fly in a yuh head mek yuh go place dis ya bet dis a must

Water bed fi da bed yah so wet

No worry yuself, darlin'

Yuh a still my pet

The nicest fish weh mi catch in a mi net

A pure bashment woman a instant death

If more gal deh deh well a dem mi haffi get an dis no disrespecct