Bad Mind Is Active


Intro 1:

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce


Intro 2:

But a mi got the bang wid di billie bang skeng

A mi got the bang wid di Shocking Vibes deng


Chorus 1:

Everybody's talking all the crap about me

Why they just don't let me live

Tell me why

(He's the girls dem sugar)

It's my decision and that's my paragative

They say I'm crazy and they even said I'm (beep)

While I'm living on the girls dem way

So move wid yuh nasty question

You try to destroy my life

Ooh, just llow a man

Mek him deejay him tune and try to survive

Chorus 2:

Bad mind is active (ah)

Den a watch nex people business

Bad mind is active (ah, ah, ah, ah)

And its the way the they want to live

Bad mind is active (ah, ah)

Dem neva stop and think positive

Bad mind is active (ah, ah) But all pon dem mind is negative

Verse 1:

Everybody asking me what's the dealio

How mi naah throw nuh wud, I'm just chillio

Number one mi meking part two oh no

How yuh fi dis mi when I'm no zero

Listen how mi voice clean through di stereo

How yuh fi slam mi I'm no mono

How yuh fi dis mi, I'm the star of the show

I'm a movie star and the world done know

I'm the king rapper dancehall disco

I'm not a groupie, well I'm just solo

Pull it mi selector waan yuh tek it down low

Come all my fans let mi tell yuh what mi know

Why the girls really love Beenie Man (Beenie)

Mi and mi girls a flex through Ontario

Drinking Alozane, driving the limo

Ohh, gee, ahh, let's go

How yuh fi dis mi when I'm no jigalo

Mi and mi friend Future Troubles flexing hi-pro

Mi hear a knock pon mi door

When mi look out nuh Suzanne and Flo

Whem mi si weh dem a carry well mi interest grow

Like a cupid a so mi fire mi arrow

Bup she get it down inna de burrow

Oh cho, a so di punch line go

Repeat Chorus 1 & 2