The Real Thing


They met up in Rockport

Where the moon rose early

And the days were short

And the miles between were

Still too many to mention

The Blue Ridge rides at starfall

Oh, the epic scope of it all

Those days before

The double-edged blade of contention


Sometimes passion's

Like a cigarette

Burning clean out 'fore

It really takes wing

But you always fly high

For a little while

When you think you've

Got the real thing

He moved in for the long haul

The '81 Hog, the guitar and all

They got an apartment,

A conversation piece

But the big spark dimmed substantial

You know it's always financials

That give the portrait of happiness

It's nasty crease


Sometimes they'd find common ground

Some days he'd run to where

He couldn't be found

A ride in the pines can truly inspire

The need for a soul to come clean

From a waning desire

He laid there deciding

What side of a man

Should come out of hiding

While she laid there,

The key to his conventions

She had brought some changes

But how could he pretend

With all these empty pages

And the miles to go,

Still too many to mention


Do you think you got the real thing