Beyond These Walls


"Charge admission and rope me off"

She said, "I do believe I see income here"

Eight hundred and seventy pounds

From a thyroid condition, and one room bound, but

Beyond these walls

She screwing off with friends at work, and

Beyond these walls

She tells the guy she dates

He's a pompous jerk again

She longs for normalcy

So she's worked some kinks into her reverie

Friends'll bug you and lovers fail

All that's human fills

An intricate daydream sail, but

Beyond these walls

The mundane hints of rhapsody, and

Beyond these walls

Are faces and aquaintances

And reasons for a routine

A rich imagination

And self-depreciation

She plays for laughs and

Eases the trials of isolation

Where she reclines alone

Her breathing labored, she begins to roam

Another wonderful active climb

In a beautifully crafted paradigm

Beyond these walls

A laugh with friends and awkward dates, and

Beyond these walls

She's overworked and running late, and

Beyond these walls

A wealth of situations

Makes for time away in daydream

Time away in daydream