Little Hell


Once was a man who didn't do too well

He spent more than a little time

Down in his little hell

He had time to decide even if it

Was worth the ride

He started early on before it was cool

To take the risk on of dealin'

In the high school

Never mind that a line wasn't much more

Than a good time

Yeah de yeah

Carefree and careful as a man could be

What are the risks of burnin' hot

If you can't even see

That the ore's run aground

Sinking in to the shore

Careful and conscious of the burning red

Of the flashing lights

And the feeling of dread

Captured in everything in this

Dragging little moment

Yeah de yeah

Inevitably in a little hell

Immeasurably in a little hell

Character breathes with a little hell

Run out of thoughts and possibilities

It ain't only the man with no eyes

Who can't see you back up, up a day,

Coulda wrote, wrote it all...

You back up, in a daze, shoulda wrote,

Wrote it all down

Yeah de yeah