Middle Of The Busiest Road


Dreamed a misfit came a calling

Days at a time

A malcontent from the look alike ball

And she was mine

She said, "take all preconceptions,

Tie 'em if you have to with a bow

Leave 'em proud and prominent

In the middle of the busiest road"

A stripper picked me up one night

Down at the "hideaway jewel"

She just wanted breakfast talk,

She was working her way through school

Talked about her boyfriend

And her second full semester overload

She said, "some days I feel like I've

Been thrown in to the middle

Of the busiest road"

And I'm riding, only riding

A wreck out on the interstate

And I got out to look

Flares, blood and cassette tapes,

Broken glass by a trivia book

Trooper said she never felt a thing

As far as real trauma goes

Two strangers hold a requiem in the middle

Of the busiest road

And I'm riding, only riding, yeah I'm riding

I'm gonna start a talk show

On a local am station

One in danger of going dark

And I'll pay 'em compensation

Five thousand watts of power freeing

Tales of happenstance untold

Eventually I'll be toll free to

The dwellers of the busiest road

And I'm riding, only riding,

Yeah I'm riding, only riding