Love All


Somewhere the wind is whispering

Into somebody's ear

Somewhere someone is hearing

Just what they want to hear

Somewhere somebody's savior

Has finally appeared

The kind that makes great poetry

And abbreviates careers

Love all, trust a few

Jehoshaphat the genius

Said to Bosco the Kid

Come and get it,

Youth is served,

You're gonna love it, kid

Don't get it on your clothes,

Don't put it up your nose

Pass the madness 'neath the door,

Pass the madness 'neath the door

Love all, trust a few

Given time I can find

A reason to love anyone

A reason to love anyone

Somewhere a man is washing

His clothing in a fountain

Somewhere a man is throwing pennies

Not bothering to count them

Somewhere a man's reflection

Reveals nothing about him

Somewhere a man's forgetting

All of this was once a mountain

Love all, trust a few