Heaven On Earth



Heaven on earth, for worse or for better

Some say paradise is nice

But you can't make it last forever

Heaven on earth, now I just can't see

How I can ever find another reason to be

Mama's in the kitchen talkin' on the phone

She never could get used to having dinner alone

It's been eleven months since he passed away

But she can't bring herself

To pack his things away

She said, "What I'm needin'

Inside no one on earth can provide"


Nights of conversation 'round the kitchen table

With advice from knowing children

She raised from the cradle

Everybody tells her she should just resign

To the things that she's been through

A thousand times in her mind

She said, "What I'm needin' inside

No one on earth can provide"


Maybe he got tired, maybe he got bored

Maybe the old man just didn't care anymore

No matter what the reason she does what she can

To be the lovin' wife who always understands