Valley Of The Crucified


Slowly drowning in sand

Dust and death greet you

In the valley of the crucified

Survey the slaughter

Of a hundred score

Crucified Christians

Eroded bones of victims past

Human detrilus scattered

Skulls crack underfoot

Aged blood stained and brown

The dead and the near dead

The unburiable stench of decay

Soft grey mouldy flesh

Dangles from withered bones

Forsaken sounds from parched throats

[Solo- P.S.]

Cracked and arched spines succumb

To sand scoured days

Cadavers that fester

Like rotted fruit on the vine

This is not Hell

This is a place like any other brother

The sins of God and the sins of man

Their cunting holy trinity

Slowly forgotten in sand

The lesser law abideth as the key

Vessel of holy pain

Hear me dark ones of the pit

[Solo- J.M.]