Praise The Name Of Satan



Extract from concealment


A plethora of Cacodaemons

Emerge to defile me

Debase me

I dare not resist

But celebrate the pain

[Solo- P.S.]

Drops of blood fall in time

With the beating of your heart

Foctid breath whispers

Are you the messiah?


Lacerate the soul

Dissect the ego

Naked I confront

The sheer cliff face of sanity

On which I gain no purchase

Attempt to climb

And make no progress

I am a blasphemy to Christ

Am I Jesus? Am I messiah?

Stone statue speaks

The winter of life too cold

Twisted Debaser

As the winds from the

Furthest reaches of Belial

Stir winter clouds across the moon

I hear the words of the master

For you and Satan

[Solo- P.S.]