Son Of The Morning


Bear witness to my testimony

The things that I have done- Unforgiveable

The prayers of a hundred priests

Could not save my soul

Like the son of the morning

Boasting a multitude of sins

Struck down from the mountain of God

Whispering to me

Through cracks in the wall

Cracks in my sanity

You only know that which I choose to show

I stand at the endge of the precipise

Wondering whether to step

There is no path of righteousness

There is only Satan

Strange angel

Why do you come here

How art thou fallen from Heaven

To the uttermost parts of the pit

The cherubim and seraphim of Lucifer

[Solo- P.S.]

Indulge in the rites of profanity

Sink to depths of depravity

Defilement and penetration

In the sanctum of the monarch

Saliva on soft thighs

Outstretched wings

Semen across lips

Hooves steeped in blood



The adversary- father of death

Craves adoration