Marguerite & Gretchen


and it is the thrash of limbs, in my bed

that keeps me from sleep, if I could sleep

it is the musky scent of their sex

bodies intertwined, that beckon me

with identical smiles, they said nothing

but unsistely kisses

in the torchlight, in the halflight

I listen to them come

"oh, Marguerite, we'll have to submit to his will..."

"we'll have to submit..."

beckoning me, seducing me

hand in hand, body on body

moist to the touch

the sweat soaked back that writhes in my hands

the bottomless eyes, cold grey eyes

that stare as I come

and the rasping, ragged breaths and

the entanglement of limbs

trace the bead of perspiration

that hypnotises, mesmerises

I inhale the sweetness of

the innocence that I destroy

my shadow rises and falls

to the dance of the torchlight

pleasure - delight - domination - damnation