Of Menstrual Blood And


Goat of a thousand young

Goat of mendes divine

Under the sigil of bephomet

we pray of thee, we invoke thee

I orate with due clarity

our brutal philosophy

Curse the right of the altar

and drink of the chalice of ecstacy


I drink deep of my sisiters blood

Phallic benediction

Purify the air with bells

unholy steps thirteen

of ceremonial darkness

Utilize the power of Sheol


[solo - Paul Schanlan]

I smite the blasting wand to thee

unholy steps thirteen

In the name of Satan ruler of the Earth

Grant me the power

Grant me the power

Of the forces of darkness

I drink deep of my sister's blood


(Incantation to the Infernal Duke Gomory)

Take them down

within the pentagram

come with me

Prince of the north - Belial

Eastern Prince - Lucifer

Leviathan - Prince of western shores

Prince of the south