Bathykolpian Avatar


As the heaven shatter

Carries on the breeze

On the edge of the great abyss

In the pause occupying the space

That seperates lightning and rainfall

Not unlike the echo of murder

That travels on the wind

Satanus- summon the sleepwalker

The silence in a world that screams

Celebrate me

For I am your new Christ

There can be no Heaven without Hell

There can be no truth without pain

The divinity mirrors

Reflect her slender frame

The awakening avatar

With alabaster skin

Life with perfect shape

White and smooth

Eesome sleepwalker

You bestow such pain and madness

The like of which I can barely conceive

As sharp as a speaer

From the pit of my soul

To the horns of the master

Crucify me

If you dare

Sagacious prophet

To be with you here is to be alive

I want to hear the words from your lips

Before I dispatch my devotion

Into your eager mouth

She steals my breath and I fall

Beyond death

Devils await me