Wings Of The Evil


[Pit Passarell]

The blades bright in the night

Brighting at the moonlight

The cold wind freeze my veins

And snow blinds my eyes

Under the sacred oath

Evil force will rise

They gave me wings of steel

And power to fly

And the last death angel warned

Flying under the sun you'll break the oath

Out of the moonlight and the night

Angels of evil will take my life and steal my soul

Wings of the evil will take me through the sky

I need the evil force to stay on high

Flying across the stars riding in the air

No mercy to kill the men no fear of the death

Staining the clouds of blood

Spread the ashes of riot

Reaping who fight to live

Messengers of hate

The night into the end

Clouds don't show the day

While comes the sunrise ray

The death laughs by my side

Now the dream forever ended

Wings of death fall to the earth

Force of light have broken the oath

Masters of evil now you have my soul