The Whipper


[Pit Passarell - Felipe Machado - Yves Passarell - Andre Matos - Cassio Audi]

I hear the bells chime in the air

I feel the misdeed on this land

They deceased with our gods

But our faith remains the same

They come with crosses, priests and rites

Destroying all that in ages we found

Disrespecting our rights

Spreading the Christ by all the ground

You must believe in our true

You must drink only of our wine

You must follow the sacred Bible

Our god will save your life

But he is the whipper of our souls

Death and fear are his whips

And he'll never take my life

In my heart he'll never be

Fight for your faith don't be tied

By the claws of the whipper

Make your mistakes never follow

The laws of the whipper

Don't let them choke you don't let them

To kill you by the whipper

Keep on your faith that's the only

Knowledge the whipper

How can we make our people

Forget this belief

Years have passed and consolidated

The worst lie that in the world be

But I know, the truthful god

Has no religion has no rules

He's the true that ourselves find

And not what the others place in us