[Pit Passarell - Felipe Machado - Yves Passarell - Andre Matos - Cassio Audi]

My time is ending fastly

My pain is growing

You have to hear my prayers

Evil thoughts are coming

The midnight train will leave me

To live in shadows

Don't walk across my meanings

There's no return

The curse is waiting for me

The sky is crying

and while we're fighting lonely

Our honor dies

So why do we keep on fighting

Beside the disgrace

The final comes as lightning

We'll rest in peace

In front of my eyes the men shout

I've got no fear

We hear the bombs cry loud

Nightmare is here

Legions of blindmen marching

No fate no future

For fucking flag we're fighting

Our death is right

Seconds are running faster

They are my life

I'm just a slave of violence

Ready to die

My cross prove that the olders

Control the youngers

Of children they made soldiers

Of soldiers they made deads