Knights Of Destruction


[Pit Passarell]

Four knights of the light/

Riding in the air through the clouds

And the stars of the sky/

Are warning the curse to the ground

Escaping from the evil land/

Bringing the war and the hate

God will look after my soul/

But my sword will guard my fate

Terror and destruction/

Brought by the four knights of hell

I'm prepared to win/

I'm prepared to fight

Four rider beasts ride the sky

Hell's bells chime/

See the damned horses that ride

Carrying the woe of hell

through the world

Cry and pain/

Four rider beasts kill thousand men

Just one sword across the land

Can save us of the woe in the world

Reaping all the enemies/

Four swords of hell feed the graves

But rulings of the world/

Are nearing the day when we'll fade

We will kill all those/

Who menace destroy our world

Now is our final fight/

Ride up your eyes and raise your soul

Knights of destruction/

I will take you off this land

Evil will not/

Put fear in our minds

And all the pain will find

Then they fight/

There's not any mercy in their eyes

The beast of disgrace and pain won the war

We wrote in the sand/

That we must brought peace to our land

And thousand years will pass

Until return the life to this world