Soldiers Of Sunrise


[Pit Passarell - Felipe Machado - Yves Passarell - Cassio Audi]

Sunlight into the end and dark breed a new day

Now we'll prepare our lives to keep eager our faith

Soldiers of metal walking through the frozen souls

Showing the rage to set our flag into this world

So we fight!


Soldiers that don't fight to win


Flowing in my veins to destroy


Time to the battle begin


We are it

Fast we ride we're Soldiers of Sunrise

Run and win the world

Strong we fight we're Soldiers of Sunrise

Break the chains of all the time tonight

Masters of reason make mistakes and you take the blame

The truth was made only to serve who have more age

But the rebellion comes today when we're united

To break the rules and chains that don't let us have rights

Now we are millions we are united by our hearts

Our sun will always bright when we'll be in the dark

We fight for metal and the sunrise is our sign

To start of the whole end with the force that we have found