Thousand Days

Stevie Nicks

The closest you've ever come to me
Was to help me up the stairs
You stood in the middle of the stairway
You nearly dragged me up the stairs
"You've been asleep."
"Well, I've been asleep for how long?" she says
"Why do you question me?"
He says, "You never cared about time before, my friend."

Seems like a thousand days since you've been gone...
Seems like a thousand days since you've been gone...

You're not my friend, you're not my love
And this is something that we really don't discuss
If there is no time, and there is no place.
And, if there was, well, you'd never leave a trace
And as all arch angels do to you
And as all arch enemies will finally do to you, too
Well, I found you

Quiet now, songbird, just for one night
Well, I know that you love to sing
And, oh baby, well, I know that you love to write
You live by the light of the moon
and I live by light of desire
Ooh, such words to her over the phone
"Just how many people are there with you now"

Well, I can see the trouble
The sun is here today and I requested a storm
But I like some kind of TIME/LIFE edition,
Tradition, competition...
Being the only thing that I really have to remember
The great singers and the great players

And if the sun warms up the rain,
And the rain puts out the sun
Why does the greatest love become the greatest pain?

So, where are you?
Sometimes I hear you crying
and I wake up, and still I wake up crying

Well, he is on my mind..he's everywhere
And if he followed me home,
will the sound of both of our voices simply disappear?
Well, I miss you now...

He laughs
He has an attitude so I have an attitude, too
He knocks on the door next to the courtyard
Well, he frightens me so, I let him in
But I'm already, well, I'm already screaming
How can the greatest love come from the greatest pain?

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