Sisters Of The Moon

Stevie Nicks

Intense silence

As she walked in the room

Her black robes trailing

Sister of the moon

And a black widow spider makes

More sound than she

And black moons in those eyes of hers

Made more sense to me

Heavy persuasion

It was hard to breathe

She was dark at the top of the stairs

And she called to me

And so I followed

As friends often do

I cared not for love, nor money

I think she knew

The people, they love her

And still they are the most cruel

She asked me

Be my sister, sister of the moon

Some call her sister of the moon

Some say illusions are her game

Wrap her in velvet

Does anyone, ah, know her name

So we make our choices

When there is no choice

And we listen to their voices

Ignoring our own voice

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