Bombay Sapphires

Stevie Nicks

The bright light is lying down

The earth and the sea and the sky

Is at rest with the ocean

And the days go by

They go into the seas that have no shores

Haunted by that same closed door

Looking up at skies on fire

Leaving nothing left of us

To discover


And the planets of the universe

Go their way

Not astounded by the sun or the moon

Or by the day

You and I will simply disappear

Out of sight

But I'm afraid soon there'll be

No light

No doubt, no pain

Come ever again, well

Let there be light in this lifetime

In the cool, silent moments of the nighttime


We will never change again

The way that we are changing

Well, you'll forget the chill of love

But not the strain

Now I know

Well, I was wrong

To live for a dream

If I had my life to live over

I would never dream, no

I still wish you gone

And I will live alone

Yes, I will live alone


You will never love again

The way you love me

You will never rule again

The way you ruled me

You will never change again

The way you're changing

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